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Seaport Machine Inc.

   Seaport Machine Inc. is a manufacturing company which produces parts, components, and complete assemblies to our customers specifications. Our customer focus is on expanding their capabilities, capacity, and pricing by utilizing our equipment and expertise. We specialize in products and components made from; light gauge steel, plastic, aluminum, laminated wood, and plywood.  We produce parts from raw materials, to complete assemblies, packaged and ready for the consumer at a set cost. 

Our Capabilities include;

  • Bundle cutting of steel tubing, drilling, stamping, deburring and punching.
  • Welding of parts, components, and assemblies with MIG or TIG. 
  • Sandblasting and Powder coating of multiple stock colors or special order colors.  Parts up to 8' x 8' x 20'
  • CNC routing of wood, plastic, and aluminum.
  • CNC HyPerformance plasma cutting of steel up to 1" thick and stainless up to ½" thick
  • CNC production milling or manual milling of steel, aluminum, and plastics.
  • Laminated panel routing, edge banding, and Tee molding.
  • Finished product assembly and testing.
  • Fabrication of custom skids and crates.
  • Packing to customer specifications in cardboard box or custom crate.

For a Gallery of the kinds of parts and pieces we build go here.

Products we produce are; (click link below to go to the product page)

Canoe & kayak racks. 

Pet Memorials.

Desktop Business card holders.

Welcome signs and custom house signs.




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